Francis Serafini - Between The Dark And The Light


VÖ 16.03.2012

Catalog No CD 12-0061 / EAN 4260020650661


"I first came to Berlin in Sept. 1972 to visit Wayne (Grajeda) and John (Vaughan). I´d gotten to know them both in Munich, where I was still living. They were living in Hagelberger Strasse 14. Also living there at that time were Tom (Cunningham), Francoise, Sammy (Vomacka) and Annalee. I was welcomed with open arms and spend my first night on the already infamous Gleason couch.

In the week that followed I was taken around and introduced to Jo at the Go-In and Christoph at the Steve Club and played five paying gigs, which was about what I was doing in Munich in a month. Berlin seemed the place to be, so ......



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